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HODXpress supports local businesses providing them with the best online order management.
We bring service to millions of consumers with Long Distance delivery and advanced shipping options.
Enjoy easy payment integration, billing and credit with Stripe.
We provide customer support via Chat, Call & Help Center.
Your customers get Free delivery option with the Membership.
Reach beyond your target
area on our Marketplace
Display your products on our Marketplace and sell more than you can expect.
Provide your customers with an Advanced POS integration, discounts, coupons and reporting.
Keep track of your Store reviews with the answering option.
Allow Subscription boxes and recurring order options to your loyal customers.
Boost your sales with the professional marketing campaigns, Brand recognition and visibility we offer.
Sell on "Your own website"
with Software as a Service
We create an amazing website for your brand with a Mobile friendly design.
Have Integration with social media channels on your website.
Don’t miss what is hot or not with Customer product reviews.
Let your customers send gift cards to their loved ones.
Reach to other states with the Advanced shipping integration we provide.
One Dashboard to easily manage your store and marketplace orders.
Get Unique Services
only with us
SEO Services such as keyword search, competitor analysis, landing page optimization, Google tools integration, content managements, and more.
Backlinks with listing and directory pages and Brand awareness.
Social Media Channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter management.
Customer reviews and responds through approx. 50 channels like Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, Yandex, Yahoo, Nextdoor, Yellow Pages, Foursquare and more.
One Hour Account executive conference with the Monthly Report and analysis.
Grow faster with your own
Branded App
60% of all online orders come from a smartphone device. You won’t miss any orders with the IOS and Android App we offer.
Offer your customers the real-time order tracking feature.
Connect the whole family in just one app with Family Membership.
Reach out to millions with Unlimited Download and Unlimited push notifications.
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