We provide tech, marketing and delivery solutions for local business

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HODXpress Marketplace
Reach beyond your set target with your products displayed on our Marketplace.
All in One Platform
We are the only platform where you can offer your customers long-distance delivery, pick up and shipping options.
Subscription and Recurring Orders
Your customers will never run out of their favorites with these features.
A Custom Built Website
We create an amazing website for your brand with a mobile friendly design and keep your store open 24 hours online.
Marketing Services
Build up your brand awareness with the marketing materials, SEO and digital marketing solutions we provide for you.
Amazing Support
We will always be there for you and your customers with our 24/7 amazing support team.

Grow faster with your own Branded App

70% of all online orders come from a smartphone device. You won’t miss any orders with IOS and Android App we offer.

Offer your customers the real-time order tracking feature.

Connect the whole family in just one app with Family Membership.

Reach out to millions with Unlimited Download and Unlimited push notifications.

Take advantage of our Fulfillment Services

Receiving; Your incoming inventory is accepted, sorted and shelved in our warehouse.

Storage; Your inventory is stored until an order is received.

Order Processing; Your products will be picked, packed and prepared for shipment when an order is placed.

Shipping; Your orders will be delivered or shipped to customers.

A Case Study

Luigi's Meats has been in the market for seven years. After the pandemic, customers have been asking for doorstep delivery. We are providing Luigi's with an online order management system with pick-up and long distance delivery options up to 200 cities in New Jersey. And with our marketing services Luigi will be turning regular customers into loyals.

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